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You share our values, ideas, principles, and opinions. We should become a team, partners, but not the “supplier-consumer” scheme. You happily perceive new ideas and ready for the experiments and inventive work in a creative team. This is a mutually adjusted decision, just like a marriage.

Together we are THE EMPIRE OF PIROFF – a strong and reliable union of independent business entities.

We offer you:




Everybody knows that cheap couldn’t be good, but everybody continues to believe in miracle while getting a fantastic mega offers. You truly believe that a seller decided to decrease his profit and give it to you? Great- you are a lucky one! But exception just proves the rule. Our policy, that we are holding up to with our suppliers- NOT TO ECONOMISE. This means:

- Use chemical components for creating the high-quality effects,
- Highly qualified workers (in other words- well-payed); educated, talented and experienced technologists

- The internal and external supervision of production during the whole process of making a Good.
- Transportation, custom procedures and certification are only done according to the up-to-date law.

As a result, ANY GOOD from the production line totally matches to the developed and approved ETALON SAMPLE. We are proud to say that any information, which box, video or photo contains is ABSOLUTELY true.

So, the consequent question is- is that all very pricey? The answer is no- it is just up to the market.

We are open and honest with our partners and are looking for productive solutions for your business tasks. Our hard-line attitude is that long-lasting relationships are more important than a short-term profit. We do what we promise. We promise what we can do.

We don't mask "DISCHARGES" and "STOCKS", even when we get very tempting offers and do not exceed our own rule: THE ONLY REPRESENTATIVE IN THE REGION.

While building up partner relationships we always hold up to the rule of PREDICTABLE RESULT. "We know what you expect from us and what we are looking for in you."

There is an american proverb which says “right people making right things”. It perfectly reflects the nature of our company. We love pyrotechnics in all the variety it proposes and it answers us respectively.

We understand, that there are no limits in improving, and, conversly, the more you know the more you realise how much you DON’T know. It is in our tradition to participate in all major pyrotechnical events around the world.

We invite pyrotechicians from all round the globe to share their experience on our Annual Pyrotechnical Forum “HIGH FLIGHT”, which takes place every autumn in Moscow suburbs.

We constantly improve our knowledge in terms of management and marketing, technologies of wholesales and retails… And we are glad to share it with our partners. We are open to any extraordinary ideas and are absolutely happy, when you inspire us to develop more and more!

Our advantages:

We do what we promise.
We promise what we can do

You are attached to a qualified
personal manager

We create a limited line of products
for your region.

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