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I want to improve the assortment!

When you lead a business, you always get to think about the ways to become wealthier and, desirably, without any extra financial investments and unnecessary work.

We have come up with a «Solution package» for our clients

Increasing the number of regular costumers

Increasing the average of every check

Increasing the profitability of your business

What makes your customers to come back again and again? The answer is obvious. Naturally, it’s a complex of different factors: a location, advertisement, banners and other kinds of advertisement, well-qualified staff and etc.

But of course, the most important part is the Product. Customers should like it and memorize a visual picture of it while being in your store, an item should be predictable even before it starts working, and it should also exceed the expectations from the variety and colorfulness by 1000%. (Pictures and visual aids should strengthen these statements)

What’s next? The answer is obvious again - a bunch of happy clients come to your store, saying «I want these boxes with the little houses on them!»

The assortment of pyrotechnical items in our product line is gauged according to the preferences of all types of clients we know. We will give your salespeople a product portfolio, as well as a scheme of sales created by marketing specialists, which will help them learn the technique of effective sales.

Our clients, who were not lazy to introduce this method in their stores, have seen a high increase of sales in a short period of time after the introduction.

Increasing the profitability of your businessAt first, it seems that our prices are not the lowest seen in the market, but the products that we offer to your clients are selling themselves for really high. They look fascinating on the shelves and they have a perfect, and, most importantly, a TRUTHFUL portfolio, carefully made by our cameraman. .

Statistics, based on the experience of our long-standing partners, says that the difference in profit may reach up to 20%.

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