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  • On the 2nd October
    the International Pyrotechnical Forum «HIGH FLIGHT» - 2015
    has come to an end!

  • On the 2nd October
    the International Pyrotechnical Forum «HIGH FLIGHT» - 2015
    has come to an end!

  • On the 2nd October
    the International Pyrotechnical Forum «HIGH FLIGHT» - 2015
    has come to an end!

Dear friends! Thank you all for coming again to our Forum!

This year we have celebrated our first anniversary. For the fifth time we have welcomed the elegant pyrotechnicians in the times of a golden autumn. For some of them we have already assigned a title of “Veterans of an Event” and, of course, had also warmly accepted the newcomers in our circles!

Forum already has many traditions, among which- a “Welcome party”. It is when pyrotechnicians from all around the world are seeing each other after being separated for a year and are so into talking, exchanging with the news and… getting a couple of drinks for a meeting! We were playing in intellectual games, dancing, chatting and, most importantly, were enjoying the meeting with old friends and new people.

For many of us morning came very early, so we have registered all those who came in late and started an official part from an express overview of the events which took place over the last year.


Every year it becomes more and more difficult for all of us to fit in the photo, which, undoubtedly, pleases us!

Our friendly team

After it, everything was strictly in accordance to the programme. Karen Ferdgilan have proposed a detailed explanations regarding the key features which allow us to sell EXPENSIVELY our art and, more importantly, to keep a customer satisfied.

The idea of a demonstrative representation of the differences between the European, Asian and Russian pyrotechnical schools has been in our thoughts for a long time. And, finally, it came into life. In auditorium we’ve talked about history, traditions and mentality that affect the way the pyrotechnical firework shows are organised; about particular specifications of products etc., and then, in the evening, we’ve tested “the theory” and were enjoying the colourful fireworks from the teams of JSC “Pyro-Russ” (Russia), PARENTE Fireworks (Italy) and Liuyang Aurora Fireworks (China).

PARENTE Fireworks

Liuyang Aurora Fireworks


Good weather

Fireworks in the night sky

Again, morning turned out to come very early.

It was dedicated to the topic which is significant for each of us- juridical aspects of our business. Vil Borisov and Tatiana Borisova gave an exhaustive comment regarding the up-to-date Technical regulations, gave a speech regarding some of the laws and policies which are applied within the territory of the Russian Federation and answered to the question of the participants. I think that information obtained would be useful for anyone in their day to day work.

Vil Borisov

Another part, where Gleb Lokshin was a speaker, was very informative, especially for those interested in pyrotechnical effects in movies.

Gleb Lokshin

After a lunch, everyone has split into groups. Pyrotechnicians talked about different types of firing, while those, who are into sales, or, more precisely, managing, chose the section of Anton Kozlov, where he gave a speech regarding the building of an effective team.

Audience Anton Kozlov

New development pyrotechnic

Flying High 2015

Till 7pm all of the official part was over. Beautiful guest gathered for the dinner. The majority of them were dressed according to the dress-code. It was amaaazingly beautiful!

elegant guests

Thank you everyone! I think you would agree, that this way everything is much better.

And again there were smiles and toast, photosessions and dances.

Elena Vecherina guests visitors online

Festive evening

Elegant guests Forum

Guests Forum

Dear friends, it is great that ALL OF YOU have left your work and found TIME to come to our Forum, We have spend it on friendship and communication, on knew knowledge and opportunity to share everything, which one wanted to share. I think you would agree with me that life is measured not by the numbers we breath in out, but by the moments which take our breath away.

We could again experience the unity of fraternity, and to reassure that each of us has something to rely on; that we have a great and a common mission- to gift people with beauty.

May the cozy ATMOSPHERE OF PIROFF, which we have created for you, warm you during the long and cold winter, while the knowledge and inspiration you got would let you move forward, remembering that together WE ARE BETTER!

Faerie finals

Year, as usual, would pass fast and me, Elena Vecherina, and the whole team of Piroff, would be glad to see you all again to say «WELCOME»!

P.S. The International Pyrotechnical Forum «HIGH FLIGHT» 2016 will take place as from the 27th September till 30th September (or from 4th till 7th October).

previous forums

The reports from previous events

It is always a pleasure to remember all those celebrations of «Pyrotechnical fraternity», which are now already a history.

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