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About Piroff

Our History

Our story began long ago in 2006. Since then we understood and reconsidered a lot in our work. But one concept has stayed the same: we love pyrotechnics. We are dedicated to it despite the controversial attitude of the government, unpredictable exchange rate of dollar, difficulties with storing and transportation.

When we get to create a truly awesome item, and later a whole collection, we forget about all the problems and barriers we encounter, they just don’t seem important anymore. It’s just like a sincere smile of a baby in the morning that helps you forget about a sleepless night. The world is constantly changing, especially in terms of business, and we find it really cool that there are perennial values that are always here with us.

Group of companies PIROFF

Our Main Resource

Our team is a harmonious working body, where everybody performs to achieve the same goal, which is to give Russian people an opportunity to enjoy unordinary, aesthetically pleasing, breathtakingly beautiful, and extremely safe fireworks.

Our Main Asset

We actively are obtaining, collecting, gathering, increasing it… and transforming it into adjusted and right business solutions. It’s a big pleasure and satisfaction for us, when our partners say “THANK YOU” for using the technologies delivered by us in their businesses.

Our Pyrotechnic Products

We are sure that we create the firework compositions that are perfect in terms of design. Also, we are not worried about the safe and successful work of each of the items (in accordance with the given characteristics) due to the introduction of the system of quality management. The result is predictable: all of the items from the batch are identical to the original standard model.

Our Manufacturers

We develop a long-term business based on the principles of respect, justice, and mutual benefits. We are thankful to the technologists for the ability of realization of our most incredible ideas into complex compositions and to the workers for an irreproachable production of every item. Each of us finds an inspiration in a collaborative and effective working.

Our Partners

We trust them, they trust us. The word “partner” originates from a French word partenaire, which means “a teammate in a game”. It’s boring to play by yourself, but the situation radically changes, when other cool guys join you. When, after some time, we realize that we “think along the same lines”, share the same life principles and values, we welcome them to our PIROFF family.

Our Rivals

We are thankful to them for provoking us to a self-development, becoming better and better every day, and moving forward with an increasing speed. Together, we are forming the market, developing the industry’s standards. In addition, we are accomplishing our goal for people to hardly imagine their holidays without having fireworks.

Our Future

We are committed to constantly developing our company. By investing into knowledge, we are continually mastering the technologies we use in business. We are not about legal skepticism, because we want everybody to be well off and happy. Our employees provide themselves with high salaries; we provide the government with taxes, and Russia with prosperous people!

Our Policies

A long-term partnership is way more important for us than an immediate profit.


Our work is directed towards the development of the pyrotechnical market as a whole.


We do what we like in a way that we think is the right one, which gives us an absolute freedom in creating.


We love learning something new and we also happily share the information gathered by us with partners.


We invest into knowledge, which lets us make modern and up-to-date decisions.


We stick to the partnership philosophy, which is the base of our interactions with clients.

Our team

Qualified and experienced staff

Elena Vecherina


Ilona Popova

Account Manager

Elena Nikolaeva

Sales Manager

Ivan Sushklinov

FEA Manager

Alexander Mezhuev

Chief Stock Manager

Anastasia Vitovtova


Larisa Sarkisova

Chief Sales Department Manager

Irina Grigorieva

FEA Deputy Director

Svetlana Suslova

Development Director

Olga Leontieva


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