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Thinking constructively, acting effectively!

Last year mass media have announced that Russia has fallen into crises. Thoughts of all people, and, of course, of every businessmen were up to several questions: what to expect and what to do? And a rhetorical one: who is in charge?

The only word for the atmosphere that prevailed in those days- panic. Frankly, I was a part of it too, but, to be honest, for a very short time.

In Chinese, wisely, the word «crises» consists of two hieroglyphs: «danger» and «opportune moment». The one, who thinks not only about its first meaning, wins more often in harsh days.

Building up a strategy for this year, the most of our competitors decided to switch to a cheaper segment, holding up to thoughts like: «…in times like this, people don’t have money…». Well, there is a logic in that, apart from a very important «BUT»! Fireworks, or, actually, emotions, are bought for a significant event and, anyway, people are paying a lot. Working for years in this business, as yet I haven’t met a person, who came into the shop and asked for something like «just for it to shoot».

At home we love to treat the guests, while in business we are bound to earn, set up the goals and reach them. Everyone knows that it is impossible to create something worthy, if the only goal is to make it cheaper-the better. And I am sorry for those, who took this goal as the main one.

Consequently, the guilt for the spoiled celebration, and, more importantly, the disappointment and a decision not to spend money on "this stuff" any more, falls on us, specialist in fireworks, so that we will have to admit the fact, that the so called “world of mouth” would work against the whole market, without any surprise...

But, in spite of everything, this sad story is not about us. For us, for the Piroff team, luckily nothing has changed; we still love our work and are proud of the results, because at any moment anyone may plunge into the atmosphere of euphoria, while admiring our unusual, aesthetically developed, breathtakingly beautiful and maximally safe fireworks.

Moreover, we still persuade that any client, regardless of his/her budget, has to be perfectly served. Let us be obsessed about the service! Your guests have to buy fireworks in beauty, comfort and coziness; get professional advices, while listening to pyrotechnically spiced stories...

Unity, motivation and investment in the team, rather that economising on the minor features, has to be an objective of any wise executive. I don’t know what would be tomorrow with a dollar exchange rate or with oil prices, but I am 1000% sure that one has to love what one does, and work either professionally or in no way.

That is how we live, and, by the way, very positively!


Ms. Elena Vecherina

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